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The Appointment Ceremony of Bao Yugang Professor and Academic Report Meeting Were Successfully Held

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At 2 pm on August 12, the College of Food and Pharmaceutical Sciences of Ningbo University successfully held the appointment ceremony of Ningbo University Bao Yugang Professor and academic report meeting in Zhu Yinkang Building on Meishan Campus.

The meeting was presided over by Professor He Shanhe introduced Professor Lin Wenhan's situation to the participating faculties and students. Lin Wenhan is a professor at Peking University School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, chairman of the Marine Medicine Professional Committee of the Chinese Pharmaceutical Association, and one of the recognized leaders in the field of marine medicine. He has an important influence in related fields. As the chief scientist, he has undertaken many major projects such as the 863 Program of the Ministry of Science and Technology, he has rich experience in organizing and undertaking major national science and technology projects. In addition, he has long served as an expert in the compilation, consultation, and review of major projects in the field of marine biotechnology and marine medicine related to the Ministry of Science and Technology and the National Natural Science Foundation of China. Professor Lin Wenhan was appointed as Bao Yugang Professor of our college, which will bring us new breakthroughs to the development of marine medicine. Professor Lin Wenhan gave an academic report on marine medicine to the participating faculties and students. The faculties and students actively participated and the scene was enthusiastic.

After the report, Dean Pan Daodong announced the of appointment letter of Bao Yugang Professor for Professor Lin Wenhan, then issued the letter of appointment and wore Professor Lin the emblem of Ningbo University.