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Introduction of College of Food and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Introduction of College of Food and Pharmaceutical Sciences

College of Food and Pharmaceutical Sciences (CFPS) at Ningbo University was established in June 2018. CFPS is comprised of the Food Science and Engineering Program and Marine Pharmacy Program which were both formerly part of the School of Marine Sciences. In particular, the Food Science and Engineering Program was originated from Faculty of Aquatic Product Processing, Zhejiang College of Fishery which was established in 1958. Having extensive and rich experiences in both teaching and research, CFPS is offering bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral education.

The college has two undergraduate majors, "Food Science and Engineering" and "Marine Pharmacy". Among them, "Food Science and Engineering" is the national first-class undergraduate major construction point, the first-class major construction point in Zhejiang Province, the emerging characteristic construction major in Zhejiang Province during the 12th Five-Year Plan and the key construction major in Ningbo City. Marine Pharmacy is the first such major in Zhejiang Province and the provincial emerging characteristic major. The School has established the first-class discipline of "Food Science Engineering" in Zhejiang Province and the key discipline of "Pharmacy" in Ningbo City, which is the most major contributing discipline in the top 1% of agricultural science ESI of Ningbo University. The company has a second-level doctorate program in "Comprehensive Utilization of Aquatic Resources", a first-level master's degree program in "Food Science and Engineering", and master's degree programs in biology and medicine (food engineering), agriculture (Food Processing and safety), pharmacy and other specialties.

CFPS has set up various scientific research platforms which include National and Local Joint Engineering Laboratory in Marine Biotechnology and Engineering, Key Laboratory of Applied Marine Biotechnology of Ministry of Education, Key Laboratory of Animal Protein Deep-processing Technology of Zhejiang Province, Key Laboratory of Healthy Food and Marine Drugs of Ningbo City, and Bio-chip National Engineering Research Institute of Ningbo City. CFPS has also set up the Foreign Expert Base Program in Marine Biomedicne (the National“111 Project”), which is co-founded by the Ministry of Education and State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs, Li Dak Sum Yip Yio Chin, Kenneth Li Marine Biopharmaceutical Research Center and Australia-China Joint Research Center of Food and Health.

CFPS currently has 81 staff members (including 4 foreign faculties), including 17 full professors, 25 associate professors, 9 Ph.D candidate supervisors, and more than 30 master candidate supervisors. CFPS also has a team of knowledgeable and rigorous scholars, including a member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, a scholar supported by the Recruitment Program of Global Experts, a scientist in National Modern Agricultural Industry Technology System, a Qianjiang Scholar, two winners of Zhejiang Provincial Foundation of Outstanding Young Scientists, and six scholars of the 151 Talent Program. Among them, more than 80% of the faculty members have overseas educational background and established joint researches with many universities abroad. In recent years, researchers in CFPS have involved in more than 180 scientific research projects which included more than 30 national projects and 50 ministerial and provincial projects. CFPS has obtained research funding of more than 40 million RMB. In addition, CFPS has won the College Excellent Achievement Prize of Scientific Research of Ministry of Education, and three Science and Technology Progress Award (class two) at provincial and ministerial levels.

At present, CFPS has more than 350 PhD, master students and 380 undergraduate students. Students have made great achievements in innovation and entrepreneurship, and have published 300 academic research papers in core journals. More than 10 projects in CFPS have won the “Challenge Cup” award and “Internet Plus” Entrepreneurship Competition award which were both at the ministerial and provincial levels and above.

College of Food and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Ningbo University, aims to develop an international education program with a strong emphasis on marine resources. We aim to educate young talents with broad horizon, solid professional knowledge and strong innovative and entrepreneurial skills.


(Information updated on Jun 2022)